Benefits of Interpreters in the Healthcare Industry

A language barrier can make things extremely difficult. Imagine being in a life-threatening situation in a place where no one could understand you. It would be terrifying. For many, this nightmare is a reality. In the medical field, there are countless patients in need of the assistance of physicians who don’t speak their language. They’re confused during appointments and struggle to follow through with post-operative instructions. Luckily, there’s a way to remedy this situation and improve patient care across the board. Interpreter services allow a medical interpreter to assist in medical offices, hospitals, scheduled surgeries, or anywhere else needed to ensure that the communication between physician and patient is clear.

Medical Language Interpreter: Increasing Your Global Reach


You’ve likely heard that the world is shrinking. However true that was when someone first thought it up 50 years ago, it’s even truer today, especially in the world of medical care. Due to a growing worldwide middle class and the availability of inexpensive travel options, people all over the world are seeking medical care in other countries more than ever. Along with increased opportunities for care, this internationalization of healthcare also requires medical interpretation to work effectively. Here are some things you should be aware of when it comes to global interpreting services.

The Problems with Automated Language Translation


Technology: sometimes you have a love-hate relationship with it. That may be the case for automated language translation. It’s appreciated for the convenience it offers but when it comes to errors in translation, its reputation suffers. When a machine takes the responsibility away from you, there’s a sense of relief. What happens when the translation is a mess, or worse, causes a liability for your company? Before turning your next translation job over to a machine consider the following known problems with automated language translation.

3 Major Types of Interpreting

interpreterLanguage. Everyone speaks at least one but not many are fluent in multiple languages. Living in a world where. with a click of the mouse, you can talk with anyone is becoming more of a reality every day. Exciting for some people yet frustrating for those who only speak one language. Imagine the frustration felt by the person visiting or living in a foreign country who needs medical care. They bring their medical records but the records are written in a script or a character-based language. Imagine the frustration felt by their care provider. The frustration would be less if a medical interpreter was available to assist. There are several situations that people in the medical field encounter where interpretation services are helpful. Three types of interpreting can be used to help medical staff and the patients they serve.

Three A’s of Effective Medical Device Translation Services

Translation 1The most important element of medical translation services is, well, three things: accuracy, attention to detail, and appropriateness. Without them, it does not matter what type of technology your translation service uses or the experience of their translators. If they do not have these three attributes, what they produce for you will be less than optimal.

Audio & Video Translation: Know the Importance


Translate KeyVideo used to be the purview of film companies, television and advertising, but over the last two decades, it has become common place as a communications medium. One major factor is the advent of the internet. Now, just about anyone can (and does) have a video offering everything from DIY tips to self-help advice to history lessons and much more. Commercially, virtually every company utilizes audio or video, and many utilize translation services, particularly if they are airing internal meetings or training.

How Medical Device Translation Manages Risk

medical device

Risk is a foremost concern with most in the medical research, medical treatment and medical device translation field. Part of managing risk is to secure services from an organization that can provide the utmost in quality and speed, without affecting accuracy. Here is how that is effectively managed.

The Importance of Healthcare Interpreters in Pediatric Medicine

There’s nothing more precious to parents than their children. When their health is compromised, parents will do whatever they can to ensure they receive the proper treatment. But, what happens when the parents do not speak the same language as the treating physicians? Without proper communication, it’s difficult for parents to receive the assurance needed that their children are receiving the necessary care. Plus, it limits their ability to ask questions or relay pertinent information. It’s also impossible for doctors to discharge or release patients with at-home instructions if the parents don’t understand the given directions. Pediatric interpreters are essential to a positive experience with the doctors, patients, and parents. These valuable professionals are making a difference in the lives of individuals across the nation.

Machine Translation vs Human Translation: A Comparative Overview

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For organizations using professional translation services, there is always a debate over which is more accurate: machine translation or human translation. Advances in software and speech recognition have made machines more accurate, faster, and less expensive than human translators, but the technology still lags sufficiently to still raise questions about its efficacy versus a human translator. Several recent tests have pitted one against the other. Here is a summary of the results.

Know the Benefits of Hiring a Professional Translator

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For many businesses, interacting with people who speak a different language than their own is a part of everyday life. Whether it be customers, employees, or other business associates, the importance of professional translation services cannot be overstated. Read on to learn more about the benefits of hiring a pro to translate all of your business documents.