Roles of Interpreters and Translators in Global Business

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Linguistics is commonly known to be an important subject, especially in a world that is constantly growing increasingly globally connected every day. Being a good translator or interpreter is important in many fields around the world. One such example is in the world of business.

Interpreters vs. Translators

Before getting into the exact roles interpreters and translators can serve, it is important to first understand what each does. A translator takes physical information and processes it from one language to another. This can include anything from legal agreements to procedural directions. Interpreters, on the other hand, deal with translation from person to person in written and oral communication.

In the Medical World

Medical interpreters deal largely with communication between a patient and their doctor. The medical interpreter will process the patient’s description of their symptoms and relay that information to the doctor in order for an accurate diagnosis to be formed. Medical translators deal with translating medical documents and other information. Examples include medical pamphlets for patients of another language and medical procedures or research for doctors of another language.

Both require not only an advanced level of linguistic ability, but also a clear and comprehensive understanding of medical terminology.

In Other Specialties

As you learned above, interpreters and translators in medical fields require specialization in the topics of medicine and medical terminology. Similarly, in other business fields, interpreters and translators need to have a firm grasp of such topics as finance and marketing. While such economic specialties don’t necessarily carry the same weighted importance that medical fields have in the lives of their patients, they still involve complex topics that require an advanced level of accuracy.

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In Business Expansion

When a business has grown to the point that they can expand to another area or country, interpretation and translation become vital to that business’s success. Whether it is adapting a product to a foreign market or accurately training new employees of a different language, interpreters and translators can completely change how a business operates and succeeds in the global economy.

In Global Mediation

Beyond the operations of a single business or entity, interpretation and translation are also crucial to the relations between two groups. Whether mediation occurs in the wake of a legal conflict or a business deal, accurately communicating between parties of differing languages is crucial to the conversation at stake.

At the end of the day, global business revolves around an extremely large overall process. Business translation services can bring a clear understanding and sense of ease to global operations. As a result, the roles of translation in business have become extremely vital in this growing world.