How to Choose the Right Provider of Interpretation Services

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When you work with an interpretation service, it’s important that you work with knowledgeable professionals. In the business of language translation, there is very little room for error. A slight miscommunication could cause significant harm to your organization. When engaging the services of interpreting agencies, you should ask the following questions.

Does the Service Use Real People or Automated Systems?

Automation is all the buzz in many parts of life. Interpretation and translation services are no exception. The problem is that automated services are not 100 percent accurate. Sometimes they produce awkward translations that are simply inaccurate. At least at this stage, you need a real person who knows the language.

How Knowledgeable Are the Translators and Interpreters?

Is the staff fluent in both the spoken and written use of the language? When you’re sending important communications, it’s important that the staff is truly knowledgeable about the meaning of words, grammar, and style usage. A little mistake could lead to a big problem.

Is Staff Knowledgeable about Regional Dialects?

Sometimes, it’s important to know more than just the basic language. Local and regional dialects can have nuances that are important to understand. For instance, if you’re hiring a Spanish interpreter, there could be subtle differences in the language spoken in Mexico, Spain, Peru, Columbia or any other Spanish-speaking country. You should have an understanding of the capabilities of your interpretation service.

Does Staff Understand the Cultural Nuances of the Region?

It’s important to know more than just the language. You’ll also need interpreters who understand the culture of the region. You don’t want to commit any cultural blunders. A misstep in cultural etiquette can be hard to overcome.

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Does the Translation Service Understand Your Business?

As an example, if you’re in the health and wellness field, you should ask for a medical interpreter. Whatever industry you’re in, try to find someone who knows your business. If the service cannot provide someone with expertise in your industry, they should be proactive about researching and learning your line of business. Understanding your business is essential to good communications.

Are Staff Members Average or Eloquent Writers?

You know there’s a difference between an average and an eloquent writer in the English language. Great writers have an extensive vocabulary, can create imagery with words, and have a compelling style. Just like in English, there are average and eloquent writers in every language. Make sure you’re getting the best person to represent your business as a translator.

How Long Have Staff Members Been on the Team?

Do the translators and interpreters have a long tenure on the staff, or is there a lot of turnover? When it comes to translation and interpretation services, experience matters in the quality of services.

Get Answers before You Hire an Interpreter

Never make the mistake of hiring an interpreter who doesn’t have the skills to do the job. The job that an interpreter company does for you is just too important to leave to inexperience. Skillful communications can build relationships that lead to lasting success.