Boxelder Bugs in my Bed

This fall, we are having an epidemic of boxelder bugs.  Located in a heavily wooded area, our home has a sunny, stone-trimmed western exposure that’s a perfect hiding place for these invaders.

We’re accustomed to physically removing a few every evening.  This fall it got ridiculous. As the temperature dropped, they started finding their way inside.

I was preparing meat for the freezer and found one almost all the way into the bag I was using.  I sat down to dinner just as one landed on my plate.  But the worst, somehow, was finding one on my pillow before I crawled into bed.

Bugs in general don’t bother me.  They belong outside and we can coexist without problems.  They don’t belong in my house!

Boxelder bugs in the house are like errors in documents. Sometimes, we’re just going to accept that they might be present; we don’t want them there, but they’re not a catastrophe. Other times, they are absolutely not allowed.

Errors happen in documents, translated or otherwise. In some types of written communication, like texts or quick email, absolute 100% accuracy isn’t needed.  If people can read your one-time use poster, they will smile at a misspelling and pick up your information. If there is a comma missing on the PowerPoint, there shouldn’t be, but we move on.

But sometimes, 100% accuracy is vital.  Mistakes in an IFU for a medical device or in instructions for using a complex power tool can have serious consequences. The diagram we share here helps our clients decide how much accuracy they need.

Type of Text Usage Accuracy Requirements
Texting Personal Accuracy not vital
Email Personal Accuracy not vital
Posters One-time use Accuracy not vital
PowerPoint One-time use Deserves a read through
Texting Business Deserves a read through
Email Business Deserves a read through
PowerPoint Periodic reuse with changes Spelling and grammar check at least
Printed or online marketing material Wide distribution Accuracy vital if you value your company’s reputation
Contracts or other legal documents Probable reuse Accuracy vital
Instructions for technical equipment Mass production Accuracy vital
IFUs for biomedical equipment Mass production or single usage Accuracy absolutely vital, regardless of usage