Translation Industry Trends to Watch in 2019

Video Conferencing Business Translation Services

Modern technology has made the world a much smaller place, especially when it comes to business. While your local market used to be your surrounding area, it is now the entire world. Expanding your business into the global market means that you will be working with people that speak various languages. Translation services have been rapidly expanding to make communication with those of other cultures much easier. Here are some trends to watch in 2019 from a translation service provider.

The Prominence of Artificial Intelligence

The translation industry is already using artificial intelligence, but this is expected to expand even more during 2019. Older software used for translation can translate words, but is unable to recognize the nuances of language. This makes it difficult to fully understand what someone is trying to say. Artificial intelligence solves this problem so that you will have no problem communicating with a foreign client or partner.

Growth of Video Translation

When working in a global market, video translation is a necessary asset. Whether you’re sending information to customers, pitching to new clients prior to meeting them face-to-face, or creating training videos for new employees in another region, video translation ensures that you are able to effectively communicate with others around the world. While video translation already plays a major role in global business, this will grow throughout 2019. The result is that you will be able to provide information about your products or services to anyone in the world.

Increase in Machine Translation with Human Post Editing

Communicating with those around the world can be difficult because of the nuance of language. Despite all of the advancements in translation technology, this remains to be one of the biggest challenges. The ability for someone to make edits to the translations when needed ensures that the right message is being sent so that there are no misunderstandings that could be detrimental to a business relationship. With more businesses desiring this capability, you will see it increase in various translation software options in 2019.

More Companies Globalizing

The primary advantage for the globalization of a company is that you can increase your client base from a few hundred thousand people to millions of people. With advancements in translation services, globalizing your products or services is much easier than ever before. As more and more companies decide to globalize, competitors are forced to follow. This is expected to continue in 2019 as more businesses will find the benefits of globalization too irresistible to ignore.

Video Conferencing Business Translation Services

Better ROI and Cost-Effective Translation Services

As translation services have become more common, it’s created a competitive market within the industry. The result is that translation service companies are unable to continue business without improving their products. For your business, this means that you will be able to achieve a better return on your investment in the service and obtain a more cost-effective translation service. This is a trend that has already started but will continue in 2019.

It’s now easier than ever to expand your business into the global market and translation services are an essential part of that expansion. These are some of the trends that will continue throughout 2019. Contact Tembua at 952.435.8178 or visit our website at if you’re in need of a translation service provider for your company.