Information about Professional Medical Translation Services


The global economy has an impact on all aspects of life. Nowhere is this clearer than in the health care industry. Health care providers, hospital workers, surgeons, and pharmaceutical executives need to be able to reach across international lines, but not every person can speak every language. That’s why medical translation companies have taken on greater importance in recent years. Here are a few things to know about medical translation services.

A Highly Specialized Industry

Due to the life and death circumstances associated with the medical industry, those performing medical translations are highly trained to operate specifically within the health care field. Whereas translators in other industries may have a certain degree of leeway in how they translate, the medical field has no such luxuries. Errors in translation involving diagnoses, doses, or treatments can have dire consequences. A language service provider that specializes in medical translations is well aware of the industry’s rigorous requirements and knows how to prevent errors from ever taking place.

A Regulated Industry

Every country’s health care industry has their own set up strict regulations that need to be followed. Medical translators are experts at distinguishing the different requirements of each country and can make sure that you’re operating within the required boundaries. Furthermore, the documentation that exists for all medical processes and different products require translation as well, placing particular importance on language service providers with an encyclopedic knowledge of how pharmaceutical industries operate.

Medical Devices

It’s not just important that translation be provided between people within the international health care industry, but all relevant literature and labeling must be properly translated as well. This includes medical device translation services which encompasses not just the labels, but the inserts that are included in pharmaceutical and device packaging as well. If a medical expert wants to keep abreast of medical developments coming from a different part of the world, the translator will also need to be familiar with medical studies and clinical trials as well.

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Rarer Languages

One of the great advantages of utilizing medical translation services is you have access to the expertise of translators in every language. While it’s likely you have someone in your organization who speaks Spanish or even French, it’s far less likely you can quickly find a translator who speaks Norwegian or Farsi. Medical translation companies have experts who speak the most regularly requested languages as well as those who speak languages which you may need translated only infrequently.

The Correct Terminology

As you know from working in the medical field, there’s terminology that applies only within medicine that you won’t find in any other industry. That same characteristic exists in other countries’ health care industries as well. Medical translators aren’t just experts in speaking, reading, writing, and understanding foreign languages, but they understand the medical terminology of other countries as well, further improving the quality of the care provided.

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