Overcoming Language Barriers with Business Translation

We live in a world that is constantly becoming more and more connected. Running a business in this modern world often means working with businesses and individuals who primarily speak a different language. This can present some communication difficulties, but ultimately, overcoming those language barriers is essential to growing and expanding your business. Here are a few ways that global translation services can help your business to overcome language barriers and continue to grow.

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Industry-Specific Language

Hiring a translator/interpreter can help business interactions that often include very industry-specific terms that only a translator or interpreter may know. If you’re in the medical field, or in a highly technical industry, finding an interpreter that knows how to convey technical terms can mean the difference between making yourself understood and having a total communication breakdown.

Conferences and Meetings

If you’re having a meeting with your business associates—be it an in-person meeting or one via teleconferencing—having a translator or interpreter present can make the meeting go much more smoothly, especially if there is not only speech needing interpreted but there are also documents that need to be translated. In fact, you may want to consider having a translator and an interpreter, to minimize slowdowns in the communication process. A professional business translator/interpreter will make the meeting much more efficient, and you’ll be able to get more business done in the time that you have together.

Email Communication

If you have written correspondence with your business partner, you might be tempted to simply write up your email and put it through an online translation service. However, such translators are notoriously unreliable, and will not provide you with a clean, professional-sounding email; in some cases, you might not even get something that makes logical sense.

A professional business translator will know how to take the meaning behind what you’ve written, and put it into terms that make sense to your business associate. This shows your associate that you value their partnership enough to have your communications properly translated by a professional.


In the business world, contracts are essential to forming effective partnerships. They help to establish expectations and set a groundwork for your working relationship. But when you and your business associate speak different languages, it is essential that your business contract be available in both languages. This can be a lengthy process, but it is vital to protecting both of parties in the relationship.

First, you’ll need to draft up the contract in your own language, with the assistance of an attorney. Then, you will have to give it to a highly experienced translator that can effectively translate the legal and industry-specific language into your business partner’s native tongue. You may be tempted to send it over to your partner right away, but don’t do that just yet.

Before you give it to them, you should have a legal professional who speaks your business associate’s language review the translated contract alongside the original one, to ensure that the translation speaks to the same intent as the original contract. Once any issues are resolved, you can then send it over to your business partner.

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This might sound excessive, but following these steps exactly ensures that you don’t send over a contract that says something different than you originally intended. With Tembua Inc., your documentation will go through our 6 Eyes Process which ensures the most accurate translation and professional translation.

Business translation services are essential to any company that operates on an international scale. So, if you’re hoping to work with international business partners, contact Tembua, Inc. at 952-435-8178 or email us at info@tembua.com, and ask us about our experienced, professional business translators. You can also find more information about services on our website, tembua.com.