Years of Quality Experience

When you’re looking for a reputable translation agency who can help process this constant stream of written information into several different languages, you have a lot of choices but only one is the best choice. Tembua is a trusted translation and interpreter company that has been providing the highest-quality business translation and interpreting services in over 100 languages for more than 25 years!

Professional Services

As organizations all over the planet expand, business professionals have an increasing need and desire to cross global channels and communicate in a society that’s increasingly multilingual. Working with a medical language translator that can provide quality interpretation services is imperative.

When you work with the accomplished medical translator team at Tembua, your message will more easily reach the minds and hearts of your audience. Contact us today to find out how a professional translator can help you grow and expand your medical facility or other organization to reach a much wider global audience.

History of Tembua

My grandfather came from Germany in 1881. Even though he was being trained as a tailor, he learned English working in the lumber camps across the Northern Tier of the United States. He must have saved his salary, because by the time he got to Minnesota, he was able to purchase a farmstead.

He and my grandmother, who also spoke German, got married and had nine children. It must have been hard on him to not be able to teach his native language to his children, but two wars intervened and it was difficult enough for him with his German accent.

But, by the time I came along, things had settled down. I was the grandchild who took an interest in his native German.

I remember standing next to my grandfather’s chair and reaching up to put my hand on his knee. There, I learned my first German under the tutelage of my grandfather and my great-aunts. They were delighted to teach me little rhymes and songs.

Years later, when I studied in Germany, the instructor said, “Now we’re going to study some old nursery rhymes.” She started one, and I finished it for her. Surprised, she asked me where I learned that. I told her about my grandfather and great-aunts, and she laughed. “No wonder you sound like someone from the last century!”

With further study and a degree in linguistics, I went on to become a German to English legal translator. One day, someone asked me if I knew anyone who did Spanish, and I answered, “We do.”

There was only me at that time, but I had deep connections within the language community and knew who did excellent work, and the company grew. Now I own Tembua: The Precision Language Solution. I like to think that my grandfather would have been proud.