Ancillary services

How else can we make it easier for people understand each other?

Complete linguistic project management

Designate a contact person on your project team and watch as your project goes from start to finish in many languages. Some steps involved:

  • prepare the documents
  • translate
  • revise
  • design layouts
  • arrange for printing (if necessary) and
  • communicate with in-country reviewers until every word is just the way they want it.
  • store everything and create a translation memory to keep consistency high and costs low.

Certification and notarization

Translations can be certified in hard copy format with seals and notarized signatures on each page. A certification of completeness and accuracy is attached. This is most often used for consumer documents such as driver’s licenses and birth certificates but can also be appropriate for wills and contracts that cross borders.



The spoken word -> the written word

A transcript is created from an audio file in almost any language.

Transcription is used in courtrooms, legal settings and other instances where the script may not be available.

Back translation

This is an extra correctness check particularly suited to biomedical clients. When the original translation is complete, a different linguist translates the document back to the source language. Because there are many ways to express the same thoughts, another linguist prepares a reconciliation report that collects and evaluates the differences.

Custom editing

If you need professional review/revision for something you’ve written, a professional editor can help. Degreed MFAs understand your tone and freely share comments.


This process makes sure your text performs well and is appropriate wherever it is read and whoever reads it. See complete definitions for localization, globalization and internationalization.

Technical writing

Your engineer is very good at what she does, but she’s not a writer.

A trained technical writer can create a manual from just an outline while your engineer focuses on your next release. (Writers are paid less than engineers!)


This is a cross between translation and authoring in the target language. Most often requested for marketing documents, a document is produced that speaks to the readers—as always—but the linguist team is given much more latitude to change the source text as long as the intention remains the same. The goal is for the target text to elicit the same buying response as the source text.

Language Translation Services