The Stages of Tembua’s Language Translation Process – Stage 3: Final Steps

Your document goes through a lot of different steps in the time between submitting the original copy and receiving the translation. At Tembua, we strive to provide the highest-quality work. We take the time to review the document at every stage of the process to ensure it meets our standards of excellence. Keep reading to learn more about the final steps in our language translation process.

The Perks of Hiring a Professional Translation and Interpreting Company

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Today’s global economy is just that: global. Any pretense of growing your business without relying on foreign sales isn’t realistic and will actually prevent your company from reaching its full potential. If you operate a global company, then you already know this. However, even companies that work with clients, customers, and vendors all over the world too frequently aren’t utilizing the benefits that come with hiring translating and interpreting agencies. Here are a few ways hiring a professional translation and interpreting company can help your business.

Information about Professional Medical Translation Services


The global economy has an impact on all aspects of life. Nowhere is this clearer than in the health care industry. Health care providers, hospital workers, surgeons, and pharmaceutical executives need to be able to reach across international lines, but not every person can speak every language. That’s why medical translation companies have taken on greater importance in recent years. Here are a few things to know about medical translation services.

An Introduction to Translation and the Biomedical Industry

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Because of developments in technology and the rise of affordable travel options, the world continues to shrink.  Globalization has caused numerous opportunities for people to find the best health treatments anywhere in the world. This has led to a growing need for translation services within the healthcare and biomedical industry. Here is a brief introduction on the impact of biomedical translation services.

What You Need to Know about Business Translation

If you own or run a small business, you’re probably more concerned with the day-to-day activities of dealing with employees and customers than your business’s global reach. The fact is, however, you may have more of a global impact than you know. If you have a presence on the internet—and you should—then that alone means your business may be reaching people all over the world. That means you’ll need to speak their language to be the most effective and grow your business. To reach those new customers, you’ll need a translation service provider.

Boxelder Bugs in my Bed

This fall, we are having an epidemic of boxelder bugs.  Located in a heavily wooded area, our home has a sunny, stone-trimmed western exposure that’s a perfect hiding place for these invaders.

We’re accustomed to physically removing a few every evening.  This fall it got ridiculous. As the temperature dropped, they started finding their way inside.

I was preparing meat for the freezer and found one almost all the way into the bag I was using.  I sat down to dinner just as one landed on my plate.  But the worst, somehow, was finding one on my pillow before I crawled into bed.

Bugs in general don’t bother me.  They belong outside and we can coexist without problems.  They don’t belong in my house!

Boxelder bugs in the house are like errors in documents. Sometimes, we’re just going to accept that they might be present; we don’t want them there, but they’re not a catastrophe. Other times, they are absolutely not allowed.

Errors happen in documents, translated or otherwise. In some types of written communication, like texts or quick email, absolute 100% accuracy isn’t needed.  If people can read your one-time use poster, they will smile at a misspelling and pick up your information. If there is a comma missing on the PowerPoint, there shouldn’t be, but we move on.

But sometimes, 100% accuracy is vital.  Mistakes in an IFU for a medical device or in instructions for using a complex power tool can have serious consequences. The diagram we share here helps our clients decide how much accuracy they need.

Type of Text Usage Accuracy Requirements
Texting Personal Accuracy not vital
Email Personal Accuracy not vital
Posters One-time use Accuracy not vital
PowerPoint One-time use Deserves a read through
Texting Business Deserves a read through
Email Business Deserves a read through
PowerPoint Periodic reuse with changes Spelling and grammar check at least
Printed or online marketing material Wide distribution Accuracy vital if you value your company’s reputation
Contracts or other legal documents Probable reuse Accuracy vital
Instructions for technical equipment Mass production Accuracy vital
IFUs for biomedical equipment Mass production or single usage Accuracy absolutely vital, regardless of usage

Reasons Why You Should Translate Video Content

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When it comes to online content, video is the new king. But how can you make your new or pre-existing video content even more effective? One way to become even more successful is by translating your content into many different languages. This is a great way to make your content more accessible and appealing to different kinds of people all around the world. Still not sure it’s necessary? Keep reading to learn more about the many benefits of translating your video content. 

Benefits of Interpreters in the Healthcare Industry

A language barrier can make things extremely difficult. Imagine being in a life-threatening situation in a place where no one could understand you. It would be terrifying. For many, this nightmare is a reality. In the medical field, there are countless patients in need of the assistance of physicians who don’t speak their language. They’re confused during appointments and struggle to follow through with post-operative instructions. Luckily, there’s a way to remedy this situation and improve patient care across the board. Interpreter services allow a medical interpreter to assist in medical offices, hospitals, scheduled surgeries, or anywhere else needed to ensure that the communication between physician and patient is clear.

Medical Language Interpreter: Increasing Your Global Reach


You’ve likely heard that the world is shrinking. However true that was when someone first thought it up 50 years ago, it’s even truer today, especially in the world of medical care. Due to a growing worldwide middle class and the availability of inexpensive travel options, people all over the world are seeking medical care in other countries more than ever. Along with increased opportunities for care, this internationalization of healthcare also requires medical interpretation to work effectively. Here are some things you should be aware of when it comes to global interpreting services.

The Problems with Automated Language Translation


Technology: sometimes you have a love-hate relationship with it. That may be the case for automated language translation. It’s appreciated for the convenience it offers but when it comes to errors in translation, its reputation suffers. When a machine takes the responsibility away from you, there’s a sense of relief. What happens when the translation is a mess, or worse, causes a liability for your company? Before turning your next translation job over to a machine consider the following known problems with automated language translation.