Global Interpreting Services

“The simultaneous translation was critical to the overall success of our training program with our Japan partners during the last two weeks and we really appreciate everything!

Your technician was very responsive and flexible and so helpful to get our presenter team capable and confident with the technology.

Your interpreter was especially gracious and professional throughout the entire program. We really appreciated her dedication to ensuring the best possible experience for our Japanese partners.”


  • Full conference interpreting.
    • Tabletop booths with all necessary equipment
    • Client provides a feed from the house sound and a sufficient distance around the interpreting booths to avoid extraneous noise
    • Up to 12 languages and 350 listeners at once
    • Two interpreters per language alternate every 20-25 minutes


Interpreting moves the spoken word from one language to another.

Tembua provides consecutive and simultaneous global interpreting services.


  • By phone, also called telephonic or OPI (over the phone).
    • Used for short client visits or phone calls
    • Interpreters available 15-20 seconds after the phone call is placed
    • No setup or minimum fees
    • Available 24/7/365 and billed by the minute
    • Protected information kept secure and destroyed after the call
  • By video.
    • Good for ASL interpreting—may be simultaneous
    • Requires a high-speed connection, camera, and microphone
    • By appointment
    • Invoiced by fraction of an hour
    • Available during regular business hours
  • In-person, on-site interpreting. Can also be simultaneous with equipment.
    • Interpreter comes to you
    • By appointment
    • May require a two-hour minimum
    • Good for speeches, court hearings, depositions, meetings, etc.
    • Client provides parking and pays mileage

Many interpreting agencies promise that they can do the job, at Tembua: we deliver. Whether you need a healthcare interpreter or are looking for someone to work at a business meeting, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today so we can learn how to help you with your interpreting needs.

Tembua also offers for sale our full line of simultaneous interpreting equipment.

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