Linguist qualifications


In addition to the competences required under ISO 17100 (our industry’s international quality standard), qualified linguists must possess at least one of the following:

  • A degree in translation from a recognized institution
  • A degree in another field from a recognized institution and two years documented full-time professional translation experience
  • Five years of full-time professional translation experience

Since 1993, Tembua has required five years of documented professional experience from those who join our team.

Anyone can translate! How hard can it be?
I learned to speak Japanese when I was stationed in Tokyo.

Yes, anyone can translate—just as anyone can draw a picture or cook a meal. The difference is in the quality of the final product. Rough sketches and Hamburger Helper are perfectly fine for some situations, and the same can be said for amateur translation work. Read here about the different levels of translation.

At Tembua, quality is our primary operational objective. Our linguists produce professional work because they are qualified to high standards.

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Medical Language Translator Certification