Quality Control

Quality is Tembua’s primary operational objective.

You write the IFUs and product specifications so carefully. Your clinical trial documentation is spotless. Your service manuals are without error. Quality is your objective.

How can you tell if quality is maintained in your translations?

  • Select excellent linguist teams.
    Every linguist who handles a document should meet the qualifications of ISO 17100. We require five years’ documented experience before a linguist can join our team. Most often, we add new linguists following a recommendation from one of our current team members.Don’t trust a resume. Verify degrees and request references. It’s time-consuming, but scams are common in our industry and you need to protect your documentation. CTA here to scams
Medical Language Translator Certification
Medical Translator Certification
  • Use the team approach for every project. The translator and the reviser/editor should be equally qualified as linguists. Proofreading and QA control must follow. Every translation should be seen by at least four sets of eyes.
  • Operate under ISO 9001–certified procedures. Every process from accounting to project management to hardware and software management must follow steps that are verified by independent auditors who watch the work. They should request examples of each step and ask questions to test staff members on the procedures.
  • Train every staff member thoroughly before they touch a project. From the Executive Assistant to the Project Managers to the Accounting staff, everyone should know what their job is and how to do it well.
  • Ask about state-of-the-art translation memory management systems which are reviewed regularly. These TMs can speed delivery, maintain consistency, and reduce cost for clients.

Be on the lookout for scams which are partially caused by downward pressure on linguist wages. When people are paid fairly and treated honestly, they deliver quality work.