It is vital that we understand each other. Tembua precisely moves ideas from one language to another.

Global Translation Services
Global Interpreting Services
Medical Translation Agency

The Written Word

This is translation, whether website text or hard copy or electronic files.

Training manuals, legal documents, insurance plans, websites, instructions for use, catalogues, employee and safety manuals—if there are words in one language, Tembua can move them to another language!

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The Spoken Word

This is interpretation.

Visualize the United Nations, where headset-wearing interpreters work to make sure everyone understands. Or think about a courtroom, where a legal interpreter helps an immigrant navigate the legal system. Tembua can move the spoken word to any other language!

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Desktop Publishing

If a document has been created in a DTP program, Tembua can translate the text and place it into the original layout so it looks like it was created in the new language.

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This is the intersection of written and spoken services. Tembua can make your videos speak in many languages!

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Language Translation Services

…and Ancillary Services

  • Transcription
  • Technical writing
  • Back translation
  • Certification and notarization
  • Custom authoring and editing
  • Localization
  • Complete linguistic project management
  • Transcreation

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