Video Services

If you advertise or train with videos, if your CEO gives speeches for employees, if you film a criminal investigation—whatever role recorded material plays in your business, Tembua can make it speak the language of your listeners.

Subtitling or closed-captioning adds typed text to the screen. We can embed English but can also translate a script and embed those languages.

Voice-over replaces the source audio with similar voices speaking the target language. Services can include translating the script, time-coding it to mark what text is spoken when, recording the voice(s), and embedding the new audio file in the video file. Read more about types of voice-overs here.

Although home studio options make it possible for an amateur to record and match up the audio with the video, the quality of the output is determined by the recording equipment, the skill of the operator, the voice being recorded, the recording environment, and other factors.

Translation Service Provider


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