Website Translation

How does Tembua translate a website?

Tembua: The Precision Language Solution helps clients convert their single-language websites into international marketing tools.

What is different about website translation?

Gathering the files
Your webmaster can send us the files, or we can download them directly from your site. You can also send us only the information you want to be multilingual.
We will need both client-side and server-side files.

Tip: Some Tembua clients create a summary page for their website, or ask us to do so. We then translate only that page. The client tracks the hits on the site and gradually expands the multilingual information in the most visited areas and languages.

 Technical site analysis
We review your site map and check all graphics and links before we begin. You may want to take your site static at this time to keep the source files in line with the new translations.

Tip: Separate text from images.

Graphics with embedded text will need to be recreated.
Use UTF-8 encoding so your site is ready to be multilingual

Linguistic site analysis
We read the site for sensitive material and phrases or images that will not translate well.

Tip: When writing your website, avoid idioms and slang.

Use images that have international appeal and represent a broad spectrum of people.
Leave enough space for language expansion.
Prepare a glossary and style guide to reduce revisions (and thus costs).

A binding quote
We’ll tell you how much it will cost and how long it will take. Tembua’s quotes are always without charge.

Specialized translation
Every website has hidden text areas, such as meta tags and mouseover link descriptors. We will translate everything necessary for your foreign language website to function exactly like your original site.

JPEG and GIF images will be retouched so that the new text fits properly. We strongly suggest that text be removed from images before translation to save costs.

Alt text (describing the image and its function) and title tags will be translated and available for screen readers for the blind and the visually impaired

Final check
We will make sure each link works, the images fit properly, and the site displays correctly in different browsers.

Translation memory
Tembua captures every segment of every translation for reuse in the client’s next project.

Client feedback
We always ask for—and appreciate—comments about our website translations from our clients!

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